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Happy Wednesday guys!!

I can’t believe its been a month since I wrapped Project Sir Raymond, or that it’s already well into April!

There’s been some big news over on my end! My husband and I bought our first house!!! We currently live in an amazing downtown condo, and have loved it since we bought it two years ago. With that said, one of the perks of my job is that I get to spend my days in houses; big ones, small ones, fixer-uppers, newly renovated, turn-keys, bungalows, backsplits, sidesplits, two-storeys and everything else in between. Maybe it was only a matter of time before it happened, but I walked into a particular house last month and fell completely in love. Plus, I instantly connected with the current owner, a lovely grandmother who is moving to Cambridge to be closer to her family. Spending more than a few hours in the house each week getting it ready to come to market, I realized it was the house my husband and I should buy. It definitely helped that we were already on the house hunt, and we knew we had to act quick, so we set the wheels in motion and on April 3 we got it! It sounds so easy when I put it that way, but really, especially in Toronto’s insane market, it was stressful. Being so deeply involved in the residential real estate market because of my job really helped prepare me for the offer process, and also taught me not to put all my eggs in one basket. Luckily for us, we got the first house we put an offer on, and now the fun part of planning the renovations begins!!

Back over at Project Shenley, my newest project on the Design Team at The Richards Group, we had an uncommon (though quite welcomed) situation happening – the clients were doing their own trade work! The husband is a General Contractor and the wife is amazingly organized and kept everyone on track. They were missing the design aspect of the equation, which is where I came in. We went through the plans and I picked the materials and finishes, while still checking in weekly to make sure things were moving along in time for the anticipated list date.

Everything took just over a month to come together, and trust me when I saw you’re going to want to see this transformation.

Check out the below photos for the “BEFORE” shots of this house!


Even though we had a pretty solid plan going into everything, we ended up making some adjustments along the way- par for the course with renos! We opted for fully custom kitchen cabinets rather than an IKEA kitchen, we went ahead and fully gutted the main floor family bathroom rather than just replacing the floor tile, and we ordered custom black doors for the front and patio instead of painting them.


The clients worked long and hard over a period of 4 weeks to get this place in tip-top shape. The completion of trade work literally happened as the ‘after’ photos were being taken – it was that down to the wire! But somehow things always work out (aka your clients’ work around the clock to get the finishing touches completed) and we got the house on the market with minutes to spare!

Take a look below at the finished product, one which many people worked on to create this gorgeous space.



Check out the listing here!

Hope everyone has a great LONG WEEKEND – see you soon!

xo P


all ‘after’ photos courtesy of Leading Image 

to see more before & afters and the best of staging, visit www.therichardsgroup.ca

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