New Season | New Beginnings

Hi guys!

Boy has it felt like a long time since my last post!

It has been an incredibly busy summer with a couple big changes in my life!


First – I got married!!! It’s cliche, but it was the best day of my life.

My husband (husband!) and I fully appreciated the importance of the day, but didn’t take ourselves too seriously, which meant that we actually had fun and enjoyed every minute. We even had a few precious moments to ourselves at both the ceremony and reception, which you can imagine were highly welcomed.


The following two weeks were spent eating and drinking our faces off in the Amalfi Coast and Greece (can I just tell you how much better the honeymoon diet is than the wedding diet?? It’s way better).

It was pure bliss and we wouldn’t have changed one single thing.


Second – I followed my passion and accepted a job in the interior design & real estate industry. It was a bit scary and definitely a risk, but I’m so glad I did it!

You may be thinking ‘that’s a pretty big 180 from event planning!’, and you would be right, sort of! While it’s a totally different field and completely unrelated, there is a general underlying similarity of working with people – clients, vendors/tradespeople, planners, etc. Not only that, but at the end of the day the overall goal between the two industries is the same: employ creativity and a high level of customer service to deliver fabulous, unique results that will blow people away. I’m definitely learning more and more as I go, but I’m so excited about this new chapter and where it will take me!



On that note, we’ve got some exciting news for Ask P, That’s Me!

Moving forward, our focus will shift to design + lifestyle. We’ll be sharing work from our favourite designers, what inspires us, of-the-moment + up-and-coming trends, great deals, and more!

In the meantime, we’re getting all the feels from the gold, wood and blue vignette we’ve curated (below).

See you back here soon!

xo P

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