1970s Detached Backsplit – Week One – Demo

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the start of the week so far!

We had a very productive weekend, including date night on Friday! Fraser & I went to one of our fave local places, F’Amelia, and had the most delish braised rabbit pappardelle. Saturday was spent helping a girlfriend furniture shop, and yesterday was catching up on housework, blogging, and food prep for the week!


Big things happened this past week at the reno house! It was DEMO week!!

Things started in the bathroom, where everything was ripped down to the studs and sub-floor. One of the biggest changes in this space was the demolition of the linen closet right beside the bathroom. There is already one linen closet in the hallway, and this second one (beside the bathroom) didn’t service much of a purpose. Plus, the existing door frame for the bathroom was extremely narrow. So, we demo’d the linen closet to open up the wall, which allowed us to reframe the door frame to a much more reasonably sized 32 inches wide.

One thing you never know the full scope of until you rip everything out is whether there is mould, rot, or any structural issues behind the walls. We lucked out big time – when everything went down to the studs and subfloor, there were no issues at all . That can be a big budget-blower, and getting confirmation that everything looked good behind the walls and underneath the floor meant we weren’t going to see any overages in our bathroom budget!

The wood panelling in the office came off the walls beautifully. We had no issues with the drywall behind it (another win) and the only thing it needed before painting was some light patching.

We did entertain the idea of doing a full kitchen reno (removing all existing cabinets and installing new cabinets and Quartz countertop), but at the end of the day, the most important goal for this client is to stick as close to the budget as possible while getting the home ready for sale – not to create a dream kitchen.

Now that demolition is complete and walls are patched, we’re ready to head into Week Two – Bathroom Install & PaintingStay tuned for the next blog post and in the meantime, enjoy some progress pics below!

love seeing a trailer full of old materials!
looking into the bathroom from the hallway – making way for a nice size entry way
looking into the hallway from the bathroom – the linen closet has been demo’d!
no more bathtub or drywall! clean as a whistle behind those walls made for a very happy designer & client
work in progress! really nice not to have to worry about ruining the carpet – its coming out next week!


remember those red peg boards on the walls of the kitchen? all gone!
things are looking bare in here!
no more wood panelling or wooden desk!
all shelving and red peg boards have come down in the pantry
pink bedroom getting ready for paint!
red peg boards are down, work bench is out, drywall is ready to go up!
thinking I’ll get matching cover plates 🙂
just a few of the new materials ready for install!

 Have a great week everyone!


xo P

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