1970s Detached Backsplit – Week Five – The Reveal

Well guys, it’s finally here!! After 6 weeks of non-stop work, we are ready to show off the newly revealed reno house.

First, a big thank you to everyone who followed along on Instagram and the blog. It’s been so much fun sharing the progress with you!! Second, OMG its done!! My first full-scale renovation as part of the Design Team with The Richards Group, and I’m still standing 🙂  More than that, it turned out beautiful! And now, it’s officially on the market and my work is done.

When I first started this whole project, I had two pretty distinctive thoughts: this is going to be so fun, and conversely, I really hope I don’t screw this up. Luckily I can confirm it was incredibly fun, and I didn’t screw it up!

We had good luck during this renovation. We didn’t run into any big unforeseen issues that could have really impacted the budget. There were only two unexpected costs we incurred: the replacement of the humidifier drain pipe (which required an HVAC specialist) and new cove moulding on the main and second floors. We decided to add new baseboards to the scope of work to give the upper floors a really clean, finished look, but because some of the lengths of the hardwood boards were slightly shorter, there was still a small gap between them and the baseboards. We decided on cove moulding, which has a nice concave curve and adds sophistication to the space.

We also ran completely on time, which was another bonus and is rarely the case for big projects. It helped having the winter holidays to get our ducks in a row – purchase all materials to have ready and onsite for the contractors’ start date, confirm trade schedules and remove all the contents from the home. The General Contractor on the job ran a tight ship and helped ensure we stayed on track for our end of February list date.

We’re so excited to share with you the finished product, but first, a quick review of the canvas.


And now…


Over the course of the renovation, I learned the following things:

1. It takes hard work from a lot of people to make a renovation happen.

2. You can plan the finishes and materials down to a T before starting, but you’ll still end up returning things along the way and needing to pick new options. Be flexible!

3. Things will arise that you didn’t plan for. Allocate at least 10% of your budget to a contingency plan.

4. It helps to have a positive attitude. There are lots of phone calls and texts and meetings throughout the whole process, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Just remember – there’s a solution for every problem so try not to get too fussed.

5. I REALLY like doing full-scale renovations 🙂


That’s a wrap!! Stay tuned for upcoming projects including a master ensuite gut and renovation, a kitchen renovation and more!

xo P



 all ‘The After‘ photos courtesy of Leading Image 

to see more before & afters and the best of staging, visit www.therichardsgroup.ca

Materials sourced from:


Home Depot

Living Lighting Beaches



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